visual time organization

c2013 Helen Reynolds
As so many  various other things press on my studio time, I wonder (again) how I can fit everything I want to do in to my life.
I tried writing out a standard timetable, with the little boxes to be filled in, but I couldn't make it gel.
But collaging my timetable into a picture suddenly made it all more meaningful to me. Under this, there is still a 'timetable' to scale - the images start at 6:30 am at the top, and work down to 10:30 pm at the bottom. Monday is the first column down, working along to the weekend on the right hand side.
Quite a few things changed when I worked this way - at first the timetable was incredibly visually busy, so aesthetically I had to include more subdued elements, just to  improve the composition. Of course, I was trying to cram too much into plans, but I could only read that visually.
Another big change to the timetable happened when I came across a seascape that was pulled me in instantly. I just knew I had to include a large chunk of seascape in my picture. Yet when I was trying out a more traditional timetable, I kept trying to include time drawing or photographing outdoors - but my rational mind kept telling me I just had to do more 'important' things with my time. But a more visual approach led me a bit closer to the way I really want to use my life.

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