c2011 Helen Reynolds
Today I struggled through my taxes, drove my daughter to music class, cooked dinner and settled down in the evening to draw the dirty laundry my son had scattered around. Feels much more productive than loading the washing machine.


  1. Heh,heh, oh this made me smile! I love the three and a half lines you wrote as well as the drawing. It makes me think differently of Adam's dirty clothes strewn everywhere (like an op shop, I cry) - now, if I see them as topographical... will they seem less... intrusive?

  2. I'm still smiling at the topographical laundry and imagining it growing into MOUNTAINS - which is of course what laundry can become. What I do know is that after your sketch (and story), I will appraise it differently, smile a bit picking it up...

  3. glad you got some joy from Iain's old socks!
    Women artists have always found 'still life' the most available subject