From a Sumi-e Workshop

c2011 Helen Reynolds
I went to a sumi-e ink workshop given by Max Gimblett this weekend. Max is in Wellington for the exhibition of his work at the Page Blackie Gallery.
Much as I admire Max's work, I found the workshop very difficult to make anything I was in the least bit happy with. We were encouraged to focus clearly and move without fear - but that just seemed to make me terribly afraid! And horribly self-conscious.
That was rather a shame, because the most valuable lessons I had from one of my great teachers, Warwick McLeod, was to dispose of fear as a useless response to making a drawing. So it was sad to find fear again!
Fortunately I will be going to the life studio again next week - always the best place to lose fear and regain gestural freedom.


  1. Helen - I am really enjoying looking at my topographical heart. Thank you! Saw something on that I thought you might be interested in ...