Art Funding: Vegetables & Recycling

I am extremely fond of my vegetable garden, but I wish I could produce a lot more from it. It would be lovely if everyone grew more vegetables everywhere, but it is hard to make a real impact on the vegetable supplies of a family of four. My only aim now is to grow most of our own salads. I have 15 beds the same size as this one (1.2 x 1.2m) in the picture and I have not got terribly far towards my goal yet.

This is our recycling centre. On Sunday afternoon I collect the week's coffee grounds (a black blob at the top of the picture) from the lovely local cafe. The plants & worms love the coffee and the cafe waste doesn't go to landfill, where they would generate methane (a really bad gas for the greenhouse effect). In the buckets we have our weekend newspapers - shredded and ground to a mush. Alastair is just about to press them into little briquettes to burn in winter - replacing fuel we would otherwise use. As it is still summer, I am not yet sure how financially efficient this will be, and therefore how much longer this will let me make art without getting a 'real job', but it is strangely satisfying.

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