Altered Book page : Inexcusable

c2011 Helen Reynolds


  1. The original book is a deleted young adult library book 'Inexcusable' by Chris Lynch.I am drawing, collaging and cutting up the book leaf by leaf as a type of journal. It is quite fun to have a type of low-investment ($1) journal with marks already started, overcoming that 'empty white page syndrome' I am sure you writers are pretty familiar with.
    I am reading parts as I go - it seems to be a tragedy - & I often worry about what the author would feel as I thoroughly mess around with his work.

  2. Oh God, Helen, it sounds like it's quite a good read! I don't know if that's better or worse... Here's part of a review: "INEXCUSABLE is not only a compelling character study and a powerful, forceful story that will draw in readers --- it's also a thoughtful examination of a certain kind of young man, an exploration that should be practically required reading for high school students today." (-: More here:

  3. Cripes! It has been pulling me in as I go along! I am afraid my copy is fairly unreadable now. I don' know if what I have done is Inexcusable or not.
    Fortunately the Hutt Library has another copy that they haven't withdrawn from stock. I might have to get it out and have a read. It can be so sad when books are withdrawn - I read a book by Connie Willis where the main character checked out books no-one else was borrowing just so the librarians couldn't withdraw them.
    I have posted some of the other pages I have altered on this blog, take a look.