No Can Blog!

Perhaps one of the oddest of reasons for not being able to blog for a week...
I was getting insulation installed under our floors, and the only way to get under the floor of the house is through my studio. While the guys were crawling under our floor (there is hardly any room) they had to dig out a bit of a tunnel to get their insulation materials through. As they were digging, they found the bones of a large dead creature and an appalling smell, which made them all vomit copoioulsy.
Now the strange thing is the house is 80 years old, so we couldn't understand how the body of a buried farm animal so old (this was a farm before the house was built) could still be making these guys so sick, and no-one in their right minds would bury a pet under the floor boards, especially as the space was so tight.
They dug up the bones and showed us.
Life drawing class means I had spent half a year drawing the human skeleton and what they were showing me was the same scale and shape as human bones....
to be continued

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