No Can Blog #2

So we took the box of bones down to the police station and the police there couldn't say whether these were human bones or not.
Then we took the bones down to the Doctor's and the nurse couldn't tell if these were human bones or not.
We were relieved when the Dr could see them and say they definitely were not human, but she couldn't tell what sort of animal it would be that is buried underneath my studio.
But some sort of noxious gas from the decomposed body was still making the insulation installers very sick, so they put a fan down the hatch in my studio floor and blew the gas away for a few days.
A side effect of this is my studio, and everything in it, is layered thickly in dust.
When the gas was finally dispersed, the insulation guys hopped down and finished the job off - but connected the intake to the outflow in our ducting.
When we turned the heating system back on, vast amounts of (more) dust was blown through the house.
So two more days were spent correcting the heating system problems.
Meanwhile all my electronic and camera equipment was unreachable (and possibly terribly damaged).
All my artwork that I hadn't stored away is damaged.
All my stored paper and other supports are damaged.
I have had to wash each brush, each tube of paints, dust each book...
The odd thing is I had just spent two weeks cleaning out my studio!

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