Can an artist Get Things Done?

This shows my desk the first stage of Getting Things Done. This stage takes a lot of time, so I cant make art as well! You are supposed to take two whole days out of your schedule, uninterrupted, for this stage. It is the school holidays, so this is not going to happen! First, you need to collect and write down EVERY little piece of paper lying around, all the 'to-dos' off your list and write down EVERY thought in your head about what you 'should' be doing. This all goes in to the in-tray, the rather ramshackle looking pile in the middle. It is supposed to be huge.
Then you need to process EVERY item in the tray, starting at the top, in the order that it is in the pile. If you can act on it in less than two minutes, then act on it right then. If it belongs to 'someday I might get around to this...' then put it in a folder of 'Someday/Maybes'.
Eventually you will be left with a folder of Projects, things to Delegate, things you are Waiting For and Next Actions (i.e. things to do).
There on the table are all my little folders and my little labeller, ready to file away all my crap.
A problem I have had in the past is that if I get too organized, I cant seem to do art. Doing art well is about opening up possibilities; getting organized is about closing down possibilities. If I get too much in the habit of closing possibilities down, I struggle to open them up again. I don't even want to try to open them up. It starts to feel like the wrong thing to do.
So will Getting Things Done work for me?
Getting EVERYthing out of my mind has been exhausting - I cant sleep for the things that rise up and say 'count me! count me!' at night. Perhaps I am a wee bit obsessive?

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