Can an Artist Get Things Done - Part II

Following my conversion to Getting Things Done, I have been working away at my list of 83 Next Actions (this is quite a small list for a Get Things Donner). One of the problems is that I have to spend time doing things that require Action. It seems I used to spend most of my time walking to the kitchen in order to Do Something but then think of something to do in the garden and wander off before I did that thing in the kitchen. Bit then I would think of something to do in my studio and toddle off again in a trail of Undone Things.
I am now realising it was a relaxed existence and I conserved a great deal of energy by Not Doing Things.
The other problem I am experiencing is that getting an insulation quote was on my list of Next Actions. The only access to the space they need to work is directly under my incredibly large and fragile desk. Once I carefully separate the pieces of this desk, there is NO room in my studio - especially as I have been getting everything off their shelves and out of their boxes to sort through them.
So while Things Have Been Done, I have no energy now, and no studio. Hence no new drawings to post.

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