Time to tidy up!

After three deadlines in a row, my studio has got messier and messier. I usually really enjoy that time just after a project is completed when I can just relax and quietly put everything back in place, but this hasnt happened for a while! Also, the way I work work has changed a lot over the last ten months but my studio hasnt. I used to spend 80% of time in here writing and preparing for teaching, 20% of my time making. Now I spend 80% of my time making things and my studio hasn't kept pace. So a huge re-organisation is in progress!
I was incredibly impressed by David McCandless' work (a great TED talk of his here). So when I saw an article by McCandless raving about using Getting Things Done to organise his life, I thought how thrilled I would be to achieve what McCandless has. So I have to give this system a go!

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