Emergent Landscape Process

The processes that form the landscape are made up of many iterations of simple, non-complex incidents; rain falling, wind blowing - repeated many, many times. These interact with pre-existing factors (type of rock, prevailing currents) to create the complex forms of the landscape.

In these works, I draw many iterations of simple lines that respond to pre-existing factors like the texture and flaws in the paper, or clots in the ink. Over the course of drawing through these iterations, forms analogous to landscapes emerge.

Instead of responding to the winds and rains of the physical world, the drawn landscapes emerge as something like alien landscapes; recognisable yet strange. The landscapes are products of the forces that exist in my studio, not only subject to the conditions of the materials, but also subject to the forces of my hand and focus.

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  1. Beautiful work Helen.
    Look forward to catching up at the exhibition.

    Best wishes