Capacity Utilisation

I am not currently suffering from any sort of creative block, but I am rather bogged down in end-of-tax year work. In my reading on how to do this better (this year both me and my husband are self-employed so there is a lot to learn) I came across this discussion of capacity utilisation from 'The Small Business Book: a New Zealand Guide for the 21st Century' by Oliver & English and imagined this discussion being applied to creative work:
" Whereas the customer wants variety and immediate delivery, the production team wants fewer products and long production runs. The answer to this dilemma lies in the efficiency of the production planning system and shortened cycle times. Much of this loss of capacity is due to random bottlenecks forming in the flow of materials. These blockages starve downstream machines of work while upstream machines have to slow down or even stop producing. Random, shifting bottlenecks are a telltale sign of problems..."
I thought if the word 'machines' were substituted with 'stages of creative process' one might get a useful way of sealing with 'artists block'.

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